Spirit Wisdom Teachings


“Spirit Wisdom Teachings for the Hearth, Heart and Soul”

Year One

January – November 2020

How can we better embrace life with heart, spirit and soul? Come explore and discover how Spirit Wisdom can support you on your unique path and healing journey. This year long highly experiential program offers empowering and practical approaches to self-care & self-healing for hearth, heart and soul that can be applied to your everyday life for balance, connection and enhanced well-being. As a participant in this program you’ll learn how to work with the practice of shamanic journeying with percussion as a means of accessing direct revelation from the Spirit world to support you on your unique path. This program is intended for those who are curious about and/or are new to working with Spirit Wisdom, as well as those of you who are more experienced in working with the Spirit World. If you have any questions please contact the program facilitator Heather O’Connell  (707) 397-0018 or theyewtree@gmail.com.

Dates & Times

Sessions will be held on the following Saturdays *10:30am – 6:30pm (unless otherwise noted below). Each session will be followed by an optional potluck.

January 11th  Session One: Divination – Wisdom of the Heart & Soul *10:30-8:30

March 7th Session Two: Inner Gardening

May 9th  Session Three: Self-Care

June 20th Session Four: Being in Relationship

September 19th  Session Five: Tending the Hearth

November 14th   Session  Six: – Integration & Coming Home *10:30-8:30


Sessions will be held at Eel River Holistics in Redway, CA.

There is limited lodging available on a case by case basis, contact me directly with your interest.

Tuition & Payment

Tuition for this program is $598, this covers the cost of all 6 sessions. Students are expected to attend and pay for all 6 sessions. No refunds will be given should you miss a session. Space is limited to a maximum of 8 participants to ensure each student receives individual support. A non-refundable deposit of $250 is required to reserve your spot. The balance is due when we gather for our 1st session on January 11th, unless other arrangements have been made with me directly before we gather. If finances are a consideration and you feel deeply called to participate please contact me directly.

Registration deadline Wednesday, January 8th – “Click here to Register”

Please note, I reserve the right to cancel the participation of any student at any time for any reason. In such case fees paid in advance for sessions not attended will be pro-rated and refunded. I reserve the right to re-schedule a session should the need arise. In such cases tuition/travel expenses will not be refunded should you not be able to make the new date and/or change your travel plans. The only reason I would need to re-schedule a class would be due to circumstances outside of my control such as weather. Should a student miss a session due to an unforeseen illness or emergency your tuition will not be refunded, however you are welcome to take the session you missed at no cost the next time the program is offered.

Session Descriptions:

January 11th – Session One: Divination – Wisdom of the Heart & Soul (*10:30am – 8:30pm)

Divination is the practice (and art) of accessing the wealth of wisdom available to us from the Spirit World to answer questions, receive insight, find lost objects and more. When done well a person is able to receive the guidance they seek and then integrate/apply it to their ordinary lives. This requires a clear intention, trust and boundaries when approaching the Spirit World. In our first session we’ll discuss various approaches to Divination such Shamanic Journeying, the Tarot, Questing & Rites of Passage and basic protocols for Divination work, then we’ll move into the journey itself and explore experientially how Divination can support you in maintaining healthy and harmonious relationships and in discerning which life choices will best support you with your specific goals in mind. This session includes a fire release ceremony.

March 7th – Session Two: Inner Gardening

In session five we’ll explore the fun and engaging self-healing practice of inner gardening. When we begin to relate to our inner world and body as a landscape that can be tended and nurtured, we have a unique opportunity to weed, plant, cultivate and self-heal from the inside out! We’ll embark on a series of guided drum meditations where students will discover the map of their inner gardens and learn how to assess and address common imbalances that can cause you to feel weighed down and stuck.

May 9th – Session Three: Shamanic Self-Care

In session three we’ll explore practical approaches to daily self-care as well as how to work with shamanic practices to integrate healing, ceremonial work and more. We’ll cover key topics including; Energy Hygiene, Purification/Cleansing, Basic Boundaries and how these practices can be adapted and incorporated into your life to support you on your unique path and healing journey.

June 20th – Session Four: Being in Relationship

In our second session we’ll explore what it means to be in conscious relationship and how to cultivate conscious relationships with Humans, Plants, Animals, the Land, the Elements and more! When we form conscious relationships with all that is around us, we bring to life those gifts and treasures within us and all around us. This is where the magic happens! There will be some explaining of the principals of how one can practice being in relationship by working in conscious partnership and then we’ll move into the journey itself to experience Spirit Journeys. Spirit Journeys offer us an opportunity to establish a direct line of communication with the Spirit of a tree, plant, animal, etc. to access their innate wisdom and healing powers. This is an ancient practice carried down from our indigenous Ancestors who lived in harmony with the natural world.

September 19th –  Session Five: Tending the Hearth

In session four we’ll explore how to deepen your relationship with the land, your home, workplace and more. Students will learn clearing and blessing practices, alchemy for home and hearth and how to work in partnership with the diverse energies of your home for balance, connection and harmony. There will be some discussion, demonstration and then we’ll move into the journey itself.

November 14th Class Six: – Integration & Coming Home (*10:30am – 8:30pm)

In session six we’ll explore practices to support the integration and continuation of personal and spiritual work. Each quest, each journey, each step we take in life has a beginning and an end to be marked, honored and celebrated. Then the question becomes what do we do with this experience how do we process, integrate and incorporate what we experienced into our daily lives, into our hearts and our homes? We’ll discuss traditional and non-tradition approaches to integrating personal and spiritual experiences before embarking on a series of drum journeys to support you in your continued integration. This session includes a blessing ceremony.