Healing Sessions

Shamanic Healing Sessions

Important Update: Per guidance I’ve received from my helping spirits I will not be taking on new clients as of May 24, 2017 until after August 2017. When I do resume taking on new clients, there will be new requirements for us to work together, which I will update here sometime between now and then and will note here that I have done so. These changes are intended to support the integrity of the services I offer, as well as the impact and integrity with longer term healing in mind and heart for clients. Some of the requirements will include a client learning how to journey shamanically as a means of supporting a deeper integration of the healing received in each session. In short, I’ve continued to witness clients who do not have established shamanic practices experience difficulty in integrating their healing long term and have come to understand with the help of my guides and Ancestors, that self-healing is an integral and important aspect of incorporating & integrating shamanic healing work in our current culture. Trust in ones self is an important aspect of healing and an important aspect of cultivating relationships with your helping spirits and this takes time for a client to cultivate. I look forward to working with those who feel called to work with me and my helping spirits in this way. For those of you who are not current clients, if you are feeling called to receive shamanic healing work I encourage you to reach out so that we can begin the process of teaching you how to journey and/or support you in deepening your relationship with your helping spirits, as I will still be offering private journeying session May – Aug. If you’re seeking shamanic healing work prior to August and/or do not resonate with a balanced focus of homework, self-healing coupled with facilitating shamanic healing on your behalf there are links to other recommended shamanic practitioners who do not have such requirements under “Resources; Links” on the homepage.

From a shamanic perspective all illness first presents in the spiritual body and when left untreated the illness can and will manifest into an emotional and/or physical illness. So when facilitating shamanic healing we’re addressing what is spiritually out of balance. The source of illness can be relative to a present life journey, rooted in a past life and/or is something that has been carried forward from our Ancestry. The effects of shamanic healing both short and long term are dependent upon the clients openness to receive the healing and their commitment to make an honest effort to make the necessary changes in their lives to support continued healing. There are no quick fixes, healing is a process that unfolds over time and requires commitment and patience with ones self.

There are a few main causes of illness from a shamanic perspective, see descriptions below. There are typically 2 or more causes of illness that need to be addressed to bring the body back into balance. Please note that symptoms of each imbalance vary and sometimes overlap.

  • Power Loss: We don’t always know what causes power loss, however the symptoms can include; chronic fatigue, lack of purpose, depression, poor boundaries and/or a series of misfortunes. Power is typically retrieved on behalf of the client to restore vitality and offer additional support moving forward and additional homework assigned to support the client in cultivating and holding their vitality.
  • Soul Loss: Soul loss occurs when a person, place or animal experiences a difficult and/or traumatic experience. Some symptoms of soul loss are; chronic &/or terminal physical illness, chronic depression, consistent fear/anxiety, feeling split and/or incomplete, consistent feelings of apathy or numbness, addiction and/or a feeling of watching your life from the outside. Soul essence is retrieved on the clients behalf and returned to them in ordinary reality, the effects of soul retrieval vary depending on the client and the circumstances under which the essence fragmented. Some feel a sense of wholeness and purpose, others experience emotions they haven’t felt since the soul essence left and/or was hidden, those with physical illnesses can become well. There are many factors to consider, but this gives you a general idea.
  • Entanglements: Entanglements are essentially entangled energies that are binding us in some way. They typically come in 2 forms; cords and curses. Symptoms of entanglements past life or present may include some of the following; chronically feeling stuck, a history of patterns in your life that feel somewhat foreign to you, difficulty in relationships, feeling drained coupled with a feeling of being attached to someone or something. Entanglements are often dissolved or unraveled restoring a persons vitality and creating energetic space for the client to move forward on their path without the unnatural influence of other living or non-living (ancestral) beings.
  • Spiritual Blockages (intrusions):   Spiritual blockages or intrusions are related to either a disembodied spirit (a person whom has died but has not crossed over, this can be someone you knew or a complete stranger) being attached to us also known in shamanic terms as “possession” or by misplaced energy, which is essentially un-owned energy released by yourself or another that gets held in a space or our body to the point where it has created a blockage that needs to be cleared. Symptoms of intrusions and blockages can include; sudden onset of nausea, the presentation of physical ailments either new or chronic, abrupt change in mood, energy and/or disposition, sleep paralysis, feeling energetically and/or physically drained and/or unable to motivate ones self over an extended period of time of days, weeks or months, hearing voices in your mind or body that sound apart from your own voice, sudden onset of addictive behaviors, the presentation of cravings or habits that are outside of your ordinary behaviors (for example if you don’t usually drink but find yourself craving alcohol, or if you don’t normally curse, but find yourself cursing/swearing),  intense  emotions such as anger, rage or sadness that feel foreign to you and a feeling being taken over. Blockages & intrusions are treated with extraction methods of releasing and transmuting any misplaced energy and compassionately de-possessing any spirits attached to the client and helping those spirits go into the light so they can begin their journey in the afterlife.
  • Ancestral Patterns: Ancestral healing often involves addressing many of the imbalances mentioned above, however it is the Ancestors from which you have descended that receive the healing which in turn clears the pattern for your descendants. The Ancestors that receive the healing are disembodied spirits (see above) who are related to us and are stuck in between the worlds for various reasons. The imbalance created in the past has been carried forth through the line often times from hundreds or thousands of years ago. Ancestral patterns can effect us physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually and can present as physical or mental illnesses passed down from generation to generation or as seemingly unrelated physical, emotional, mental or spiritual illnesses. Often times a person doesn’t recognize an imbalance as being related to their Ancestors as we come in with the pattern and therefore can see or experience it as being part of us. Once the Ancestor has been crossed over and the energy of the pattern cleared from the client’s lineage it is then the work of the client to identify how they are living the patterns named in the session in their own lives. Clients are provided with a worksheet and follow up assistance to support them in this work.

I never know what will come up in a session as I do not have a personal agenda and rely on my relationship with my helping spirits, guides & allies to facilitate a healing that is in alignment with your highest good at the time of your session. I can usually get a general picture of what the session will entail after I facilitate a pre-session journey where I confirm that it is appropriate for us to work together, request a diagnosis of what is spiritually out of balance and ask what healing can be facilitated for you now that is in alignment with your highest good. If for some reason I’m unable to assist you I have referrals of other Shamanic Practitioners who may be of service.

Shamanic journey drumSessions can take place in person (locally) or remotely (long distance). I conduct in person sessions by appointment either in my home in Mendocino or office in Fort Bragg, CA. In person sessions typically last about 2-3 hours from when you walk in the door to when you leave. For long distance sessions we 1st set up a phone consult appointment. After we’ve discussed your intentions and addressed any questions, I’ll facilitate your session as I have time in my schedule prior to setting a follow up phone appointment to discuss the details of the healing that was facilitated.

Each session includes:

  • An initial phone consultation where we talk a bit about why you’re seeking shamanic healing, what steps you’ve taken to correct the imbalance up to this point and what kind of support systems you have in place to help you integrate the healing. Please note there is no charge for an initial phone consultation. However subsequent phone appointments for pre-session consultations will be billed at $1 per minute.
  • The facilitation of your healing session.
  • A *downloadable audio recording of your session. (*Session audio files are sent to you through DropBox via email 24-48 hours after your session enabling you to download or stream the audio recording (you do not need a DropBox account for this). Files are deleted from the server after 30 days, client assumes full responsibility for downloading/streaming their audio file prior to the expiration date. If you do not have email/internet I can provide you with an audio CD by snail mail for an additional cost of $15, which includes USPS first class shipping to anywhere in the USA.)
  • A follow up phone call to discuss the results of your session and/or to check in post session. One follow up call is included in your session fee, subsequent follow up calls will be billed at $1 per minute.

Healing Session rates: *$175 minimum – $250

2 hour healing session …… $175

2+ hours ……. $175 + $40 per additional hour

*Healing sessions where ancestral healing work is the primary focus are be billed at $250 per session.

Phone appointments: Phone appts excluding 1 initial phone consultation and 1 post session follow up, will be billed at $1 per minute.