Private Journeying Sessions

The practice of shamanic journeying can be used to facilitate healing for yourself, other humans, your lineage, disembodied souls, plants, animals, land, the elements, etc. examples of shamanic healing are retrieving lost power, dissolving energetic cords from past and/or current relationships, unraveling ill-intentions that have been placed on yourself or others, extracting misplaced energy & intrusions, building boundaries of protection, soul retrieval  .. The list goes on and on. The practice of journeying can also be used to find lost objects, obtain information about yourself and others (with their permission) this is known in Shamanic terms as Divination.

For beginners I will go over the basics of shamanic journeying, including the 2 powers, 3 worlds, portals, percussion beats and how to form clear questions/intentions to journey on. Then we move into the journey itself. If you’re a beginner the 1st journey we would usually explore & experience would be the Power Animal retrieval journey where you will go into the journey with the intention of retrieving a helping spirit who will bring you vitality, harmony and support.  Retrieving your Power Animal and/or Spirit Guide is an act of consciously re-claiming your authentic power and consciously bringing in support and guidance by working in partnership with your Helping Spirits. Power loss is one of the main causes of spiritual illness, and retrieving a guide who will return your vitality to you is one of the 1st steps in building a foundation for this work and this practice. Some symptoms of power loss (being in between allies – not having an ally) can be a pattern of challenges in your life, such as I broke my leg, got in a car accident, lost my wallet, etc. Once you consciously request the retrieval, you can then begin to work in partnership with your guide(s) for enhanced well-being and support within yourself & your relationships with other humans, plants, animals & the elements.

There are many layers to this practice and not only does it take time to build a relationship with your guides and allies, it can take time to develop an understanding of what being in shamanic relationship means and how to apply this understanding to your relationship with all that is. I often get asked the question “How do I know this is real?” or “How do I know this is working” and the answer is you don’t, well at least you don’t at first. As you practice more and more you will receive validation for the information you receive in your journeys. Shamanism is a path of direct revelation, this practice offers a person the ability to find the answers within themselves by working in partnership with their own guides and allies. There is a tangible strength I experience when working with my guides and allies. These helping spirits are here to work with us and support us on our path, they do not harbor judgement or expectation, they are simply there to offer healing and assistance and the shamanic journey is a means of communicating and working with them.  Of course it’s a choice on our part to continue to honor and build upon our relationship with our guides & allies.

“If deer stayed with her in years to come, then his power would increase and enrich her life story. If deer was not her medicine, then she would gradually forget, neglecting to pay him honor and respect or to pray for his children. The sound of his inner voice would be drowned by the noise of her everyday life and the roaring of it’s traffic.” – “The Roaring of the Sacred River”, By Steven Foster & Meredith Little

For more experienced practitioners we may work with various shamanic healing practices such as retrieving lost power for others, soul remembering & recovery, extraction of misplaced energy & intrusions, protection rituals, dissolving cords, unraveling energetic ties from the past and present and/or any of the other practices described above.

As much as I can explain what you can expect in a session, please take into consideration that I do not have an agenda in the services that I facilitate aside from offering guidance and support in whatever you’re ready to receive at the time of our working together. I journey to my guides and allies prior to each session to receive guidance on the material we’ll explore in your session. In this way I feel completely comfortable that the material we’re exploring is in your highest good and in alignment with your intentions for the session.

Learning to journey shamanically is not a quick fix to any distress you may be experiencing in your life. It’s a tool that you work with over time to explore your authentic nature and personal power through communication and working in partnership with your helping spirits. It requires a willingness to show up for yourself. For some people learning how to journey can be a Rite of Passage, some old part of you is surrendered so that you can move into who you really are.

The base cost for a one on one Private Journeying Session is $135. Sessions typically last between 2-3 hours. Sessions exceeding 3 hours in length will be billed at an additional $30 per hour not to exceed $225 per day (6 hours). For example the cost of a 4 hour session would be $165 ($135 + $30). Please contact me if you’d like to explore scheduling a session.

“For a long time we lean against the trees in the circle and they hold us up.
But there comes a time when we realize that we must become the tree in the circle,
able to hold the leaning of others.” -Sue Monk Kidd ‘The Dance of the Dissident Daughter’