Extraction of Misplaced Energy – Training for Healers


Training for Healers

Saturday, January 25th & Sunday, January 26th

10:30am – 6:30pm both days

Eel River Holistic’s Healing House – Redway, CA

This 2 day training is for those who are called by their helping spirits to do healing work on behalf of others. In shamanic extraction, we work with our helping spirits to safely locate and remove misplaced energies that are causing spiritual, physical, emotional and mental imbalances. Done well, you liberate invasive and stuck energies out of the client and transform and neutralize these energies. Done carelessly, you risk taking those misplaced energies into yourself. Good journeying skills are required.

In this 2 day highly experiential workshop we’ll cover a range of key practices:

  • Learn what misplaced energy is, primary causes and how to safely handle and release misplaced energy.
  • Retrieve a specific helping spirit who will support you in this work.
  • Learn how to power up, create and maintain healthy boundaries in this work.
  • Explore the difference between misplaced energy and spirit attachments and how extraction relates to other forms of Shamanic Healing.
  • Learn in a small group setting to ensure each participant receives individualized support.

Cost: $175-$250 self-determined sliding scale, $100 non-refundable deposit required. Space is limited – registration required. “Click Here to Register”