Heather O’Connell is a Practitioner and Teacher of Cross Cultural Shamanism and Plant Spirit Medicine. Her education and training include certification in Rebirthing (breathwork), (Usui method) Reiki I & II attunements, apprenticeships in Core Shamanism, Plant Spirit Medicine and personal experience working within the Mestizo shamanic traditions of the Peruvian Amazon and Native American Rites of Passage.

Her passion and purpose are rooted in honoring the bridge between humans and Spirit. She knows first-hand the transformation that occurs when we access direct revelation from Spirit and learn how to heal from the inside out and live in harmony in with the natural world. She understands that everyone’s path is unique and considers the role of a Healer/Practitioner/Teacher to be someone who helps you find the key within yourself to heal.

Heather works in partnership with her helping spirits to meet the ever-growing needs of her clients, environment and the communities in which she works and does this from a place of deep compassion and a love for all of life.

IMG_20160906_152204555“There are many expressions of being in relationship and living in harmony with the natural world, to healing self and others. I’m deeply grateful for every opportunity I’ve had to experience, learn, grow and share the innate wisdom that has been passed down not only from my Ancestors, human teachers, and mentors, but their Helping Spirits and guiding forces. I owe my deepest gratitude to my Helping Spirits, they have not only supported me on my personal healing journey but are the ones who empower, guide and support me in meeting the unique needs of my clients, students and the ever-changing needs of our contemporary culture. My path has and continues to be one of commitment, trust, humility, integrity, and self-discipline. I’ve come to know compassion as one of my greatest allies along with surrender and trust. My practice and the medicine I carry is ever-evolving. I am wholeheartedly honored to be alive and on this path, to be stretched and challenged, blessed and blissed and everything in between.” ~ Heather