I learn things experientially and bring this into my practice in how I facilitate & work with others to meet their intentions and goals. My passion and purpose is rooted in honoring the bridge between humans and Spirit and in supporting those who value integrity and personal responsibility on their unique soul path and journey to wellness.

I began maintaining a healing arts practice and seeing clients in 2007 and began facilitating shamanic journeying groups & workshops in 2010. My education and training includes certification in Rebirthing (breathwork), (Usui method) Reiki I & II attunements, apprenticeships in Core Shamanism and Plant Spirit Herbalism as well as personal experience working in the Mestizo Shamanic tradition of the Peruvian Amazon.

I first learned to drum journey from a Shamanic Practitioner with whom I apprenticed one on one with in Nederland, CO.  She taught me experientially how to journey shamanically, retrieve and work in partnership with my helping spirits and ancestors to diagnose shamanic illness and facilitate various forms of shamanic healing for myself and other humans, animals and the land. From there my shamanic spiritual practice took root and I went on to complete experiential shamanic training with Alida Birch, Sandra Ingerman, Robert Moss and Christina Pratt, including; Soul Retrieval, Community Centered Healing, Extraction of Misplaced Energy, Psychopomp, Healing with Divine Light, Soul Recovery, Healing the Ancestral Lines and Actual Energy Clearing.

Overall, my formal education and training has provided me with experience in various shamanic traditions, as well as a structure I can work with when facilitating groups and workshops for others, however shamanism is a path of direct revelation. I rely upon my relationship with Spirit, Nature, the animals, plants and the elements to support, guide and empower my practices and teachings. They are my best friends and my greatest teachers. My path has and continues to be one of commitment, trust, humility, integrity and self-discipline. I’ve come to know fear as one of my greatest allies along with surrender and trust. My practice and the medicine I carry is ever evolving. I am wholeheartedly honored to be alive and on this path, to be stretched and challenged, blessed and blissed and everything in between.