IMG_5073I learn things experientially and bring this into my practice of working with others to support them in meeting their individual intentions and goals. My passion and purpose is rooted in honoring the bridge between humans and Spirit and supporting those who value integrity, sovereignty, personal responsibility and accountability. I believe these to be the core ingredients in fully embodying our authenticity and also provide us with the needed fuel to participate in, receive and self-facilitate the healing we need to move forward on our unique path and fulfill our individual and collective soul’s purpose.

I began maintaining a healing arts practice and seeing clients in 2007 and began facilitating shamanic journeying groups & workshops in 2010. My education and training includes certification in Rebirthing (breathwork), (Usui method) Reiki I & II attunements, apprenticeships in Core Shamanism and Herbalism as well as personal experience working in the Mestizo Shamanic tradition of the Peruvian Amazon.

In the process of writing this about me section I found myself debating how much of my “training” I wanted to include. I feel as a society we get so focused on what have you done? what books have you read and by whom? who have you studied with? how do I become a master of _______? and I find this mindset is often rooted in handing your power over to a teacher or healer. When our focus may be best served in reclaiming our power with the understanding that healing and the cultivation and expression of our soul’s purpose is a process that unfolds over time and more so asks us to pick up and embody our power rather than hand it over to another. Although all things have their place on our journey to wellness and lessons come in many forms, self-discipline, discernment and accountability go a long way. That said, I do understand that some of us resonate more deeply with say Sandra Ingerman’s teachings, Christina Pratt or Robert Moss’s and the structure and context of the work I facilitate has been influenced by a variety of human teachers and mentors and I want to extend my gratitude and give them credit when and where I can (some prefer to not be named, which is a more traditional shamanic approach of not advertising yourself and having the people who are meant to find you, find you). My deepest gratitude extends to the helping spirits of my human teachers and mentors as well as my helping spirits, guides and allies as they are the ones who empower the work and who offer information and guidance with the highest good of all of creation in the forefront.

I learned to journey from a Shaman with whom I apprenticed one on one with in Nederland, CO.  She taught me experientially how to journey shamanically, retrieve and work in partnership with my helping spirits and ancestors to diagnose shamanic illness and facilitate various forms of shamanic healing for myself and other humans, animals and the land including: guide/ally & Power Retrieval, Divination, Extraction, Curse Unraveling, De-possession, Soul Retrieval, transmutation, long distance healing and Psychopomp. I’ve also completed experiential shamanic training with Alida Birch, Sandra Ingerman, Renna Shesso, Rachel Weiss, Robert Moss and Christina Pratt, including; Soul Retrieval, Community Centered Healing, Extraction of Misplaced Energy, Psychopomp, Healing with Divine Light, Soul Recovery, Healing the Ancestral Lines and Actual Energy Clearing.

I was introduced to plant “medicine” through my personal and professional relationship with Cannabis. I had been working as an Office Manager & Bookkeeper for a medical Cannabis dispensary in Boulder, CO (I was a Bookkeeper and Tax Preparer for 15 years) when I began to feel that it was time for me to learn more about plant medicine from a shamanic perspective. I journeyed to my guides and allies to ask what steps I could take to support my intention and they encouraged me to get my hands in the dirt, work with the Earth and grow Cannabis as a means of deepening my relationship with plant medicine. In 2012 after journeying on what geographical location would best support my learning more about gardening, plant medicine and off-grid living, I relocated to Mendocino, CA . Shortly after relocating I was offered space on a farm to cultivate my first Cannabis garden (a synchronicity indeed). I accepted and what followed was the beginning of my shamanic relationship with Cannabis. I learned how to listen deeply to the spirit of Cannabis in honoring every stage of the plant’s development from seed to harvest, applying the same principals I would when opening/closing a ritual, working with the spirit of my drum or the land.

I attended Mary Pat Palmer’s Heart of Herbology Apprenticeship Program at the Philo School of Herbal Energetics in Philo, CA. During my apprenticeship I learned the basics of gardening, the medicinal properties of common native plants, alchemy and experienced plant spirit drum journeys. Following my apprenticeship I began working on my own experientially with plant spirit medicine by continuing to garden, making medicinal products and performing plant spirit journeys as part of my gardening and alchemy process. In 2013 an opportunity arose for me to participate in a plant ceremony facilitated in the Mestizo shamanic tradition of Peru. After my 1st ceremony, which was deeply humbling, intense and unlike anything I had ever experienced in my life, I decided to go to the jungle in South America to “diet” with native Amazonian plants under the care of an indigenous Shaman as a means of deepening my relationship with the plant spirits through this discipline. The following year I returned to South America for another Dieta and upon my return began integrating my experience of the teachings more deeply into my personal practice by adapting the principals of dieting with plants in the Mestizo tradition to home plant diets with plants that grow in the area. I was later guided by the plant spirits to begin facilitating Cannabis ceremonies, journeying workshops and plant initiation/diet education where establishing a direct line of communication with the spirit of the plants is the main focus.

My guides continue to emphasize the importance of the bridge that exists between humans and Spirit. Ceremony and all journey work provides each of us with an individual direct connection to our personal relationship with Spirit. Our choice to communicate and cultivate relationships with our guides, allies, ancestors, plants, animal spirits, the land with live on, the elements, etc. not only shows respect for those who came before, but for all life seen and unseen. It’s how we learn to truly live in a good way, a way that honors all life and all of creation and how we cultivate wellness within ourselves and live our individual soul’s purpose. Furthermore, experiencing this work in a group setting provides us with an opportunity to work individually with the support of  a spiritual community, something many of us yearn for.

Overall, my formal education and training has provided me with experience in various shamanic traditions, as well as a structure I can work with when facilitating groups and workshops for others, however shamanism is a path of direct revelation. I have looked to and relied upon my relationship with Spirit, nature, the animals, plants and the elements to support and guide me throughout my life. They are my best friends and my greatest teachers. My path has and continues to be one of commitment, trust, humility, integrity and self-discipline. Over the past 15 years I’ve made some very challenging changes in the way I live my life to support the deepening of my relationship with my spiritual practice and my relationship with all of creation past, present and future. I’ve come to know fear as one of my greatest allies along with surrender and trust. My practice and the medicine I carry is ever evolving and there is allot I don’t know and/or do not have words for. I am wholeheartedly honored to be alive and on this path, to be stretched and challenged, blessed and blissed and everything in between.